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R-1 AGGREGATE CHIP SPREADER Owner's Manual Version 2.0 Issue Date: April 2019 Effective Date: April 2019 Version Date Changes Approval 1.0 Original Issue 2.0 4/19 New Format and Updates DS . Table of Contents ...

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Aggregate Chip Spreader Proposal Forms CALL FOR BIDS Aggregate Chip Spreader Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Chelan County Commissioners at their office at 400 Douglas Street, Wenatchee, Washington 98801 until 9:30:00 A.M. on January 21, 2020, and there publicly opened and read as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard for:


3.4 Aggregate Spreader: The aggregate spreader shall be a self-propelled mechanical spreader, equipped with a computer guided system and positive controls capable of uniformly distributing . Page 3 9/2/2016 a 24 foot wide band of aggregate at a prescribed rate in a single-pass operation over the

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Aggregate material spreader 2 consists generally of a motorized vehicle 4, having a feed hopper 5 which receives an aggregate material from a supply vehicle 8, a conveyor system 6, which transports the aggregate material from the feed hopper 5, and a spread hopper 10 which receives the conveyed aggregate material from the conveyor system 6, and ...

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Our spreader is built for maximum durability, giving you lower maintenance and repair costs, and less downtime saving you time and money. Customer tested within the Asphalt Road Surfacing and maintenance industry over the past 5 years. MWF's spreader boxes are automatic-controlled aggregate spreaders used for road sealing applications.

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Since the level spreader pipe is encased in aggregate (which is around 40% void space) this assumption is usually acceptable. However, gth of pipe should be multiplied by minimum factor of safely of 1.1. . Flows (> 10-year storm peak rate) may bypass a level spreader in a variety of ways, including

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The aggregate spreader, sometimes called the "spreader box" is used to distribute aggregate evenly over the film of asphalt sprayed by the asphalt distributor. The specifications require aggregate spreaders to be self-propelled and have a continuous feed feature. The type most commonly seen on a seal coat project is shown in Figure 7‑27.

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distribute cover aggregate into the hot liquid asphalt sprayed by an asphalt distributor truck. It is very important that the chipspreader be designed and constructed to apply many different size aggregates at different speeds. With that in mind, let's take a close look at the design features of the Etnyre self-propelled ChipSpreader.


The Aggregate Spreader, (fig. 1-1 and 1-2) is towed by a Military M-51, 5-ton dump truck. The spreader is a self-contained unit capable of spreading material in widths from four to eight feet by use of 12 inch block off plates. The spreader can operate in both forward and reverse directions at speeds up to 5 miles per hour. The components of the


The R-1 is a tow-behind aggregate spreader that is ideal for tar and chip operations on roadways. The R-1 distributes aggregate to precise depths with clean-cut edges. It features an open-type spiral agitator to convey material to outer ends of hopper. R-1 Aggregate Chip Spreader Features: • Auger control lever • Material auger

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[PDF] Air flo salt spreader manual - read & download ... Quality Air-Flo Salt and Aggregate Spreaders in Morgantown, WV. Sunset Outdoor Supply carries the most durable, quality engineered salt and aggregate spreaders manufactured by Air-Flo. These superior spreaders are designed to meet the needs of winter maintenance professionals.


aggregate spreader which is mounted on the rear of a tip truck. It consists of a hopper constructed of mild steel plate and fitted with a number of sliding gates which can be opened and closed together or independently by means of hand, mechanical or remote electronic, operated control levers.

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Controller must be calibrated for the Spreader System in the vehicle. Calibration controls are found in the rear of the PSM1000C. See below: MIN Adjustment pot sets the minimum speed the function will operate at when the controller is set to position 1. Turn clockwise for a higher "I MIN" setting.

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Download PDF 2186081 . Description: This invention relates to aggregate spreaders and the object of the invention is to provide a device for spreading aggregate in uniform volume per lineal foot of road surface. Heretofore, it has been usual in attempting to salvage loose material secured in scraping a road surface to try to estimate the amount ...

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AGGREGATE DELIVERY SYSTEM ..... 1.3.1 to 1.3. 5 ... designed into the SPRH Chip Spreader, it is very import ant to: A. Read this manual thoroughly before operating or servicing the Chipspreader. B. Keep this manual in a convenient place for ready reference. C. Not attempt to make repairs or adjustments you do not understand. If you require


•The Forward moving Aggregate spreader can spread aggregate up to14mm in size. •Cabin controlled. •The feed of the material to the spreader box is maintained by the automatic control system. •4000mm spreading width available with aggregate spreader fitted to the truck. •5000mm spreading with self propelled chipping spreader.


(2) Aggregate Spreader. A self-propelled continuous-feed aggregate spreader shall be used which will uniformly spread aggregate at the rate specified by the Engineer. (3) Rollers. Rolling equipment shall meet the governing specifications for Item 210, "Rolling (Flat Wheel)" and Item 213, "Rolling (Pneumatic Tire)". (4) Broom.


335-3.2 Aggregate Spreader: The aggregate spreader shall be self-propelled and supported by at least four tires on two axles capable of providing a uniform application rate of aggregate from five to fifty pounds per square yard over a variable width up the maximum width as required by the Engineer.

Level Spreaders: Overview, Design, and Maintenance

level spreaders can be built with minimal slope along the length of the channel's downslope side. Concrete level spreaders resist erosion better than level spread-ers made of earth, gravel, or both. If a flow greater than the design flow is routed over a level spreader made of concrete, the level spreader lip will not be damaged.

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Etnyre ChipSpreaders are designed to accurately and efficiently apply a controlled amount of aggregate to the road in the chip seal process. Etnyre ChipSpreaders achieve these results using a hydrostatic drive system and a variable width spread hopper to apply multiple aggregate sizes and application rates thru a full range of travel speeds and spreading widths.


The aggregate spreader shall be equipped with the means of applying the cover coat material to the surface with computerized application controls so that the required amount of material will be deposited uniformly over the full width of the bituminous material. A computer rate controlled aggregate spreader shall be required.


Aggregate Spreader a. The aggregate spreader shall be a self-propelled unit capable of uniformly spreading the aggregate at the required rate on a minimum width of 6 inches wider than the width of the lane to be treated. b. The spreader shall be calibrated before each project using ASTM D …